Introducing our State-of-the-Art Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

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Introducing our State-of-the-Art Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Roll former for external blinds Skovela d.o.o.
Published by VD in SPL_Z90 · 11 October 2023
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I am thrilled to announce that at SKOVELA d.o.o., we have initiated a revolution in the manufacturing of external venetian blinds. We are introducing our latest slat profiling machine, promising the highest quality, efficiency, and durability thanks to cutting-edge technologies and innovative development.

**Product Highlights and Advantages:**

- **Eco-Friendly Design**: Our machine is constructed from anodized aluminum profiles and plates, benefiting not just the environment but also extending its lifespan.

- **High Quality and Safety**: All electrical cabinets and covers are crafted from stainless steel sourced from EU manufacturers.

- **Intuitive Operation**: A user-friendly program, a result of our in-house development, enables simple operation and remote maintenance of the machine.

- **Flexibility**: The machine is adaptable to various types of slats and sizes.

Furthermore, our company has extensive experience in training local staff worldwide, which enables us to offer you comprehensive customer service.

### Roll Forming Machine for Slats for External Venetian Blinds Z90
This machine is designed for one section type and is suitable for producing external blinds for profile "Z"90. The roll-forming machine is controlled by industrial PLC, with an option for Ethernet connection. The Graphic Display HMI is capable of displaying the shape and the size of the slat cut-in.

- Quick production and accuracy
- Shaping the semi-finished product (aluminum slat) into the desired form
- Cutting the semi-finished product (aluminum slat) to the desired length
- Punching all necessary holes
- Vibration bin for automatic hook supply and infixing in the slats
- Allows for non-standard slat shapes (atypical products)
- Quick and easy change of slat dimensions even during machine operation
- Ethernet (RJ-45) interface
- First year includes technical support services via AnyDesk in the price (assuming the machine is connected to the Internet)
- Manual adjustment of magazine racks
- Easy speed change for rolling
- Possibility of component labeling
- Possibility of connection to an external SQL table (linking machines and information systems)

**Manufacturer**: SKOVELA d.o.o.
**Model**: SPL_1011_Z90_HU
**Year of Construction**: New 2024
**Maximum Width**: 100 cm
**Maximum Height**: 145 cm
**Maximum Overall Length**: 12 m
**SMT Width Left max.**: 114.00 mm
**SMT Thickness min./max.**: 0.40 - 0.44 mm
**Shaft Diameter**: 35 mm
**Vertical Shaft Distance**: 100 mm
**Horizontal Shaft Distance**: 175 mm
**Number of Left Stations**: 11 pcs

## Additional Equipment
### KPH_2M Cutting Table
- Hydraulic driven cutting tool HO7_U5856 for upper profiles
- Equipped with 10 rollers
- Motorized control for profile length, managed via the machine's HDMI interface
- An integrated printer for convenient label generation
- Maximum overall weight: 1150 kg
- Rolling speed: 3 - 12 m/min
- Input pressure: 6-10 bar
- Working pressure: 6 bar
- Air consumption: 5m3/hour
- Power supply voltage: 3+N+PE 400/230V 50Hz TN-S
- Input power: 2.5 kW
- Acoustic pressure: 85 dB
- Customs tariff number: 8455 2200
- Delivery time: 3-6 months

We look forward to your inquiry!

Payments SKB banka d.d     
IBAN: SI56 0316 3100 0564 526
Phone SI  - DE: +386 40 20 50 54
Phone SI - EN: +386 41 696 072
Phone CN: +86 137 01 500 476
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