Metal Pins for External Blinds: Type C80

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Metal Pins for External Blinds: Type C80

Roll former for external blinds Skovela d.o.o.
Published by VD in SPL_C80 · Tuesday 24 Oct 2023
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## Metal Pins for External Blinds: Type C80

Experience unparalleled stability and functionality for your external blinds with our premium metal pins. Precisely tailored for Type C80, this collection stands synonymous with reliability and straightforward installation.

6000 pieces, neatly packed in 6 bags of 1000 pins each.
EU Customs Tariff Number: 8302 4900
Dimensions: 38/25/20cm
Weight: NW/GW 27/28kg

Carefully crafted, these pins are designed to offer optimum fitting and lasting durability. The first choice for both homeowners and professionals looking for nothing but the best. Elevate your blind experience. Opt for C80 type metal pins and revel in unparalleled functionality.

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Searching for the ultimate solution for your external blinds?

Your search ends here!

Introducing high-quality metal pins, Pins_C80L_m_3B and Pins_C80R_m_3B, specifically tailored for firm and enduring fitting.

Key Features:

Precise Fit: These pins are meticulously crafted to fit perfectly into the slots of most standard blinds made with precision tools.

Ample Quantity: This set comprises 6000 metal pins, ensuring an abundant supply for mounting up to 6000 slats on your blinds.

Organized Packaging: For your convenience, pins are thoughtfully packed in 3 + 3 bags, with each containing 1000 pins, facilitating easy counting and efficient storage.

Quality and Border Assurance: With customs number 8302 4900, rest assured of the impeccable quality and reliability of these pins. This number also ensures hassle-free international shipping and transactions.

Ideal Packaging Dimensions: With dimensions at 38/25/20 cm, they are suitable for swift postal courier services.

Optimum Package Weight: With a net weight of 27kg and a gross weight of 28kg, this package offers an ideal balance between weight and manageability.

Application: Ideal for external blinds, whether installed in residential or commercial buildings. These pins assure a sturdy fitting of the slats of your blinds. Whether you're upgrading current blinds or installing new ones, these pins are instrumental to their functionality.

Invest in quality. Upgrade to Pins_C80L_m_3B and Pins_C80R_m_3B for an enhanced blinds experience.

Order now and bask in the perfect blend of strength and elegance offered by these metal pins.

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